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Mandatory Kit for Scafell Sky Race

Scafell Sky Race is a mountain race over technical terrain. The mandatory kit listed below MUST be worn and carried by all competitors at all times. Full kit checks will be carried out at registration, and spot checks at the finish. Please don’t try to take short cuts with your mandatory kit: no kit, no race.

If you are in any doubt about any aspect of the race kit requirements, suitable footwear, etc, please email us at in advance of the race.

Must be worn:

  • Short/Long Sleeve base layer top or race vest (NO COTTON)

  • Shorts or tights (3/4 tights acceptable)

  • Mountain/Trail running shoes with minimum 3mm tread

Must be worn or carried:

  • Waterproof jacket with hood and taped seams (water resistant products are not acceptable)
  • Waterproof trousers with taped seams (water resistant products are not acceptable)
  • Spare Long Sleeved Base Layer Top (NO COTTON and PLEASE NOTE; spare means you are not wearing it at the start)
  • Hat, Buff or similar
  • Gloves
  • Head Torch
  • Survival Bag (space blankets are not acceptable)
  • Whistle (to be used in case of distress: 6 long blasts on the minute, every minute)
  • 200 Calories of emergency food (must be unused at the finish unless you had a real emergency)
  • GPS [gps watch device is acceptable] and/or Map** & Compass [**Race Map is supplied at registration and must be carried]
  • First aid kit (minimum contents: triangular bandage, roller bandage, roll of tape, safety pins (Please note: If carrying pain killers, please do not use ANTI INFLAMMATORIES [NSAID's] as these have been known to cause renal failure in race situation)
  • Race Vest, Race Pack or Bumbag
  • Safety pins x 4 (or other device for attaching race number)

In addition to the items listed above, we strongly advise you take account of the prevailing weather conditions & dress accordingly. Your kit should be sufficient to keep you warm in the event that you are injured and have to make a long, slow walk back to safety.

The Race Director reserves the right to ask for additional warm clothing (e.g. tights or insulating jacket) to be worn or carried if, in his judgment, the weather conditions on race day demand it. You will be informed of any additional requirements at the pre-race safety talk, with a final decision being made 30 minutes before the start.

Please arrive prepared.

Self-sufficiency on the course

There is one supplied aid station at Stonethwaite Village: please do not rely exclusively on this. You must carry whatever additional food and drink you feel that you will need to complete the route safely. This is in addition to your 200 calories of emergency rations, which must be unused at the finish line.

The feed station is designed as a safety net where by you can pick up some supplies if you have got your race nutrition incorrect. It is not designed for you to gorge at in order to complete the race.

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