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Results & course records for Helvellyn Sky Ultra

Helvellyn Sky Ultra

Course Records

  • Full Course: male: 07:30:40, Donnie Campbell (Team Salomon), 2016
  • Full Course: female: 08:38:46, Sarah Ridgeway (Run Snowdonia) 2016
  • King of the Mountains (uphill) male: 18:54, Thomas Paris (Raidlight National Team), 2016
  • King of the Mountains (uphill) female: 19:24, Sarah Ridgeway (Run Snowdonia), 2016
  • King of the Mountains (downhill) male: 24:57, Donnie Campbell (Team Salomon), 2016
  • King of the Mountains (downhill) female: 26:57, Sarah Ridgeway (Run Snowdonia), 2016

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Note: the 2015 edition of the Lakes Sky Ultra [now called Helvellyn Sky Ultra] was run on a reduced course due to extreme weather conditions. The official course records cited above are for the full course.

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