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Langdale 10km Trail Race 2019

Saturday the 19th saw a revamping of the Langdale 10km Trail Race after a wash out year in 2018. With over 100 runners entering the race, there was a strong field and some fast and furious trail racing ensued.

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Langdale 10Km Trail Race Results 2019
Big Field Langdale 10Km Trail Race 2019
Great Langdale 19Th Trail Race

Saturday started with clear skies and the sun shining on a very autumnal day in the valley of Great Langdale for a re-vamped version of the Langdale 10km Trail Race.

With last years 'wash out' it was great to see 112 runners enter the race with 94 people racing on the day.

Strong performances all round, by all those that attended, with the field spanning 6 generations with the youngest being Josh Peevor [16], who took the 7th place and the oldest Brian Winder [MV70 1st Place] who put in a strong performance to finish in 77th place.

Old And Young 10Km Trail Race
Old and young racing at the Langdale 10km Trail Race ©Paul Wildman Mitchell

Bruce Hardy took the win in the end after a battle with Ben Brough who kept the pressure on all the way round, closing the gap in the final stages of the race, but not managing to catch Bruce. Daniel Owen's ran a strong race to finish in 3rd.

Robin Hill, of Chesters by the River, was tickled pink to take the 1st place in the MV60 category, as it was his birthday on that day, Happy Birthday Robin!

Catlin Richardson pushed hard to stay 19 second's in front of the Ladies 2nd place to take the win in a time of 00:53:40 and placed 12th overall, with Elizabeth Earle taking 2nd place in 00:53:59 finishing in 14th place overall, Lyn Thompson putting in a superb performance [racing in the FV60 category] finishing the ladies top trio and taking 3rd place in a cracking time of 00:54:31 and finishing in 18th place overall.

Many other star performances happened during the race.

Robert Hill Mv60 Birthday
Robert Hill. local business owner of "Chesters by the River" at Skelwith, took the MV60 1st place ©Paul Wildman Mitchell

Images by Wildman Media available to download BELOW:

Start and first ascent

Cumbria Way section 1

Cumbria Way section 2

Prizes were kindly awarded by the National Trusts Stickle Barn.

PositionName/Gender/ClassTimeRace Number
1Bruce Hardy/MV4000:43:0343
2Ben Brough/M00:43:4015
3Daniel Owens/M00:46:0374
4Andrew Ross/M00:48:3493
5Sean Rickard/M00:49:0685
6Duncan Read/M00:50:5482
7Josh Peevor/M00:51:4076
8/1st MV40Michael Robinson/MV4000:52:0290
9Fraser Lacey/M00:52:1453
10Josh Phipps/M00:52:3478
11/1st MV60Robin Hill/MV6000:53:0048
1st Lady/12 OverallCatlin Richardson/F00:53:4084
13Richard Greaves/MV4000:53:5140
2nd Lady/14 OverallElizabeth Earle/FV4000:53:5934
15David Maliphant/M00:54:0962
16/1st MV50Matthew Barnes/MV5000:54:1405
17Paul Shannon/M00:54:2295
3rd Lady/18 OverallLyn Thompson/FV6000:54:31104
19/Ladies 1st FV50Kim Bluck/FV5000:55:1212
20Rob Mcclynont/M00:55:2165
21/Ladies 1st FV60Jo Haigh/FV6000:55:5941
22Elizabeth Adams/F00:56:1101
23Charlie Pinkney/FV5000:56:1579
24Pete Smith/MV5000:56:30100
25/Ladies 1st FV40Sarah Moir/FV4000:57:5069
26Jamie Beecham/M00:58:4409
27Simon Barton/MV6000:59:1307
28Andrew Johannesen/M00:59:1550
29Holly Gordon/F00:59:1837
30Nigel Braithwaite/MV4000:59:3014
31Greg Burkitt/MV5000:59:4116
32Carrie Stephenson/F00:59:45102
33Pip Conlon/F01:00:5624
34Charlotte Dean/F01:00:5731
35Georgios Dalakouras/M01:00:5829
36Sam Stalker/M01:01:01101
37Sam Darley/M01:02:0530
38Ivan Catlow/MV4001:02:0718
39Jessica Amrishaw/FV4001:02:1002
40Michael Burkitt/MV5001:02:1617
41Andrew Hewitson/MV5001:02:4546
42Shaun McMullen/MV5001:02:5666
43Rhiannon Robinson/FV5001:03:4091
44Helen Hall/FV4001:04:1042
45Valerie O'Donnell/FV5001:04:1973
46Richard Peevor/MV4001:04:4377
47Julie McNicholas/FV5001:04:5867
48Jennifer Lake/F01:05:2011
49Andrew Kelly/MV4001:05:2251
50Dave Granger/MV4001:05:3839
51Clare Smith/F01:05:4399
52Ross Robertson/M01:06:1289
53Karen Houldsworth/FV5001:06:2649
54Ewan Turnbull/MV4001:06:27106
55Peter Cheung/MV6001:07:4119
56Bridget Slater/MV5001:08:3598
57S Durkin/MV5001:08:5433
58Jayne Wilkinson/F01:09:51110
59 =Deborah Clarke/FV4001:10:0121
59 =Andrew Clarke/MV5001:10:0120
61Hannah Latimer/F01:10:0254
62Peta Rowand/FV4001:10:5794
63Phil Corris/MV6001:10:5826
64Helen Porter/FV6001:13:1780
65Alex Magell/MV4001:14:0260
66Helen Magell/FV4001:14:0361
67Victoria Cunningham/F01:14:2628
68Marina Quayle/FV5001:14:3881
69Jon Merritt/MV6001:14:3968
70Nicola Latimer/FV5001:14:4655
71David Wilkins/MV5001:14:50109
72Barbara Bath/FV5001:15:3008
73Marian Elden/FV5001:15:4935
74Joanne Murphy/FV5001:16:0072
75Jemma Lumley/F01:16:4158
76Helen Bowerman/FV5001:17:0213
77/1st MV70Brian Winder/MV7001:17:07111
78Bethany Parr/F01:17:3275
79Helen Graham/F01:18:4438
80Di Knowles/FV5001:18:4552
81Kerry Morton/FV4001:19:5471
82Andrea Roberts/FV4001:21:4587
83Heidi Martin/F01:22:1863
84Chris Atkinson/FV5001:22:3204
85Nicki Roberts/F01:24:1288
86Ann Sharpe/FV6001:24:1396
87David Sharpe/MV6001:24:1497
88Pip Riley/FV4001:24:1586
89Claire Bescoby/FV4001:24:1610
90Gill Morgan/FV5001:25:3970
91Jerome Duncan/M01:27:2532
92Sian Gilgeous/F01:28:1936
93Jennifer Stephenson/F01:28:20103
94Claire Witham/F01:38:32112
Smiles 2
Smiles and game faces ©Paul Wildman Mitchell
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