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Prize categories

The following prize categories will apply for the 2019 Scafell Sky Race:

2019 prize categories for Scafell Sky Race will soon be confirmed.

In 2018, prizes were awarded as follows:

A limited edition bottle of Scafell Sky Race Cider will be awarded to all finishers, made by Cowmire Hall.

Skyrunning National Series Points were be awarded to the top finishers at Scafell Sky Race 2018, in line with the Skyrunning UK ranking system.

Race prizes will be awarded as follows:

Open Race (M/F under 45)

1st M/F: £125
2nd M/F: £75
3rd M/F: £50

Veterans Race (M/F 45 and over)

1st M/F: Prize TBC
2nd M/F: Prize TBC
3rd M/F: Prize TBC

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