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Spectator Information for Scafell Sky Race

Your essential guide to spectating and supporting at Scafell Sky Race, 15 July 2018

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Where to go on the course

We recommend the following top spots for race viewing – see below for a chart of estimated times for the runners’ arrival at each location.

  • The Band (between CP4 & 5): watch runners coming down off Bowfell to the aid station at Old Dungeon Ghyll
  • CP5: The Old Dungeon Ghyll pub is hosting the Feed Station, and there’s no better spot to support the race: settle down with your cowbell and a tea, coffee or even a local pint in your hand
  • CP6: Harrison Stickle summit
  • CP7: Sliver Howe summit
  • CP8: Loughrigg Fell summit 
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Please do:

  • Bring your cowbell! If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry: you can buy yours from Race HQ at the University of Cumbria in Ambleside. They’re just £6 and will make a  great addition to your life!
  • Be considerate and courteous to other fell users and to the general public. Feel free to let others know about the race and to explain to them what the racers are putting themselves through. 

Please do not:

  • Make excessive noise in the residential streets of Ambleside as the runners' coaches depart for Seathwaite: the residents will not want to hear the clatter of cowbells at 7 a.m.!

  • Leave litter: please ensure that you take everything home with you, or bring it to one of our feed stations where we can dispose of it. If you see other litter in the fells, then use some extra calories to bend down and pick it up. Wombling is good for your soul - if you doubt that, ask Bungo, Orinoco or Great Uncle Bulgaria!! 

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