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Rules and Entry requirements

Please read the following rules and declarations carefully: they are provided for your own safety and information.

Entry requirements

You must be at least 15 years old as of 'the date of the race' to enter Langdale Trail Race. If you are under 18, you will need to provide the written consent of a parent/guardian at the time of entry.

Entries are via SI Entries and are not vetted: however, Langdale Trail Race is a difficult 10k and we expect you to come prepared. You will be tackling tough and technical terrain at points, including 250m ascent/descent.

By entering the race, you are attesting your competence to complete the course.

Any competitor found to have deliberately misled the Race Director in this respect will be expelled from the race and all future associated races.

Race rules

Health and wellbeing

  • You must be confident of your own ability to enter and complete the race.
  • You must be fit, and in good health on race day.
  • You must take responsibility for yourself, and fellow racers, during the race.
  • Any runner must halt their race to offer help to any fellow competitor who is in trouble or injured. The race directors will reward anyone who does stop to help. Anyone who is found not to have helped a fellow competitor maybe disqualified and barred from entering any future Lake District Sky Trails events.

Safety on the course

  • You must follow the countryside code, especially in relation to shutting gates. It is strictly forbidden to climb any walls or fences.
  • You must stay on the fully way-marked course.
  • You must follow the race route, as dictated by the Race Director or any race officials or course marshals.
  • The Race Director reserves the right to cancel the race in extreme circumstances.

Running with dogs

  • Running with dogs is allowed on the following conditions:
    • You must start at the back of the race field
    • You must have your dog under control in the race start and out on the route
    • Your dog must remain on the lead at all times.

** Please understand, whilst we love dogs, not all runners and valley users feel the same and sometimes are scared, so please bear this in mind and remain open to other runners feelings.

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