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Spectator Information for Lakes Sky Ultra

Your essential guide to spectating and supporting at Lakes Sky Ultra, 2019.

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    Where to go on the course

    We recommend the following top spots for race viewing – see below for a chart of estimated times for the runners’ arrival at each location.

    • Race Start at Patterdale Hall - Time 06:00: Enjoy a tea or coffee at the start. Watch the race start and then follow it using the following locations below.
    • Threshthwaite Mouth (between CP4 and CP5) - Time 09:30 to 11:00 : a spectacular spot to enjoy some fast, technical descending and cheer runners up Stoney Cove Pike. Park at Hartsop and walk up Threshthwaite Glen (3km approx.) or follow the race markings back from the Kirkstone Pass.
    • CP5 Kirkstone Pass - Time 10:00 to 14:00: enjoy an early beer or welcome soft drink at the Kirstone Pass Inn – England’s answer to an Alpine hut! Park at Kirkstone Pass or Red Pitt, 800m to the north. Watch runners race up Red Screes as they contest the King of the Mountains uphill Super Stage, or head to the summit to catch their fast and furious descent to Ambleside, with race positions and the King of the Mountains downhill Super Stage at stake!
    • CP7 Ambleside University - Time 11:00 to 15:15: The old start of the Lakes Sky Ultra, a perfect location to catch the runners coming through, re-fueling, sorting themselves out before the gruelling ascent of 'part 2' of the course.
    • CP9 Grisedale Hause - Time 12:30 to 17:30: Mid level checkpoint in the mountains, and although the walk up to it is strenuous you’ll enjoy a real sense of scale, with Dollywaggon Pike, Fairfield and Seat Sandal all around you.
    • CP10 Helvellyn summit plateau: unrivalled race viewing on a clear day, with runners crossing Swirrall Edge (between 13:00 and 18:30 approx). You should be well equipped and experienced to venture here.

    Please do:

    • Bring your cowbell!
    • Be considerate and courteous to other fell users and to the general public. Feel free to let others know about the race and to explain to them what the racers are putting themselves through.

    Please do not:

    • Cheer and/or ring cowbells at Patterdale Hall at the race start: the residents will not want to hear the clatter of cowbells at 06:00.
    • Cheer from the ascent of Red Screes, where you may impede runners’ progress. Instead, please cheer from the base of the climb, or the summit.
    • Leave litter: please ensure that you take everything home with you, or bring it to one of our feed stations where we can dispose of it. If you see other litter in the fells, then use some extra calories to bend down and pick it up. Wombling is good for your soul - if you doubt that, ask Bungo, Orinoco or Great Uncle Bulgaria!!

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